In The Beginning…

Ajax Sea Scouts was started by Donald ‘Doc’ Stone and other members of the 1st Surbiton Park Scout Group. In 1947 the new Group was registered formally with The Scout Association in 1948 as 4th Surbiton ‘Ajax’ Sea Scouts.

Ajax Meeting Places

The ‘WAC’ in Ditton Reach hasn’t always been Ajax HQ. Originally based downriver in Surbiton, activities centred around a wooden barge called MINCA and a WWII Motor Torpedo Boat

Boats and Boating

Over the years the Ajax fleet has expanded beyond all recognition compared to the modest original collection of wooden boats.

Cub Pack

Founded in 1963, Ajax cubs have always enjoyed a varied programme including weekend camps, County and District events and competitions, skiing at Sandown Park, various visits to places of interest as well as wide games, backwoods cooking and assault courses.

Beaver Colony

Since the start of Scouting in 1907, many younger brothers wanted to join in with their older siblings. On 10th October 1988 the Ajax Beaver Colony was born.

Sea Scout Troop

In the early days, the Troop comprised a total of 24 boys, which was about all that could be accommodated in the WWII Motor Torpedo Boat HQ

Getting Old

Ajax has always provided an adventurous climate in which young people may be helped to become resourceful and responsible adults whilst also having fun.


Ajax welcomed girls into the Venture Sea Scout Unit in 1984 and into the Beaver, Cub and Sea Scout sections in 2001.

World Scout Jamborees

Thousands of Scouts from all over the World meet to share friendship and perspectives at the World Scout Jamboree. Ajax has represented UK Scouting an impressive 7 times.